Let’s create a meaningful and profitable Instagram presence that feels right for your creative business.

Feeling just a bit overwhelmed with promoting your business online? I know, I’ve been there. 
This is why I made it my job to help you figure out what works for your creative business.
You are here because you are creative, passionate, and smart. You need strategies that work; and you need them now. You are willing to work hard if you’re shown a clear direction.
Let’s create a meaningful and profitable Instagram presence that feels right for your personality and brings in the right kind of clients.

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5 Instagram Mistakes That Halt Your Account Growth

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Cracking the Instagram Algorithm

Instagram algorithm got you down? Your followers and engagement on posts gone south. You acquire 3 new followers a day only to lose a few daily.  Instagram is starting to feel like this dance with one step forward and two steps back. Instagram doesn’t have to be this unicorn. You don't have to feel overwhelmed by and frustrated with Instagram. (It’s supposed to be a fun platform, remember?) I will show you a clear roadmap to success: one thing you have to do daily, one thing to do weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.
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Epic Instagram Engagement in 30 Days

Have you noticed a dramatic drop in engagement on Instagram lately? No matter what you do on Instagram, your feed and following seems to stay in the same spot with no noticeable progress? I get it. Time constraints and the sheer amount of advice on the Internet sends you in an overwhelm mode and creative paralysis. You are unsure on what to do exactly so you stay in the same place, waiting for a solution to show up. It’s here. Simple, yet powerful. It only takes you 15 minutes a day… and enables you to make progress fast! Every day you will receive a short video lesson with one specific and actionable engagement tactic accompanied by a user-friendly brainstorm worksheet to get your creative juices flowing. Then, all you have to do is to put the strategy into practice. Fun experience that feels like a party on the coolest platform! (because it is.) NO overwhelm. NO paralyzing decision-making. Because in order to follow through on any strategy, you should be excited about it. Instagram marketing seems to be the staff of nightmares for small creative entrepreneurs. The very people for whom Instagram should be a perfect fit! Here’s what you will learn: Understand the importance of right audience, so that they set the right foundation and talk to people who can and will convert into paying customers How to polish their feed, so that these people instantly know they are in the right place How to find the most effective hashtags, so you can continue reach more and more of your ideal audience How to tell the story of their brand to put them ahead of the game because so many business owners don’t know how to storytell with imagery How to engage existing followers and gain new ones (because obviously) How to show off their unique personality to stand out and create immediate connection so that competition has no chance of snagging these potential customers from you How to easily hack engagement because the more engagement you build, the more momentum you are putting in your presence Plus, a whole arsenal of tactics you can mix and match, so it doesn’t look like you’re doing the exact same thing over and over again, creating a wholesome and authentic Instagram presence that is fun for you and engaging for your followers. You can keep your regular posting schedule. You can keep the software you are using — I won’t tell you to buy followers or invest in expensive bot software. No icky tactics involved! We’re taking steps to encourage engagement, build momentum and make your business reach more people. These engagement tactics work independently of what Instagram algorithm throws at you next — these strategies are build on marketing principles that create a lasting change.
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Instagram and Facebook Advertising Masterclass

After spending more than $10,000 in ads in my own business and managing 5-figure budgets for clients, I’ve learned a thing or two the hard way. You don’t have to though. In this hour long video masterclass, we will dive deep into how to optimize and improve the performance of your Facebook ads, so you can maximize revenue and ROI. In this 75-minute recorded video class, you will learn: How to choose the right campaign objective; How to find and target people who are most likely to convert; How to uncover what types of ads truly works for your business; How to create an irresistible ad your target audience wants to engage with; How to track the performance of your ads on and off Facebook to measure and maximize ROI. Because it’s a recorded class, you can take it in all at once or follow along to create your effective Facebook advertising.
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