Cracking the Instagram Algorithm by Lesya Liu

Cracking the Instagram Algorithm

6 productivity hacks to gaining exposure and new customers


Instagram algorithm got you down?

Your followers and engagement on posts gone south. You acquire 3 new followers a day only to lose a few daily. 

Instagram is starting to feel like this dance with one step forward and two steps back.

Instagram doesn’t have to be this unicorn.

You don't have to feel overwhelmed by and frustrated with Instagram.

(It’s supposed to be a fun platform, remember?)

I will show you a clear roadmap to success: one thing you have to do daily, one thing to do weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly.

What's included?

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Before we start. Technical setup.pdf
37 KB
5 mins
Setting the Foundation: Branding
Setting the foundation: Branding
20 mins
Worksheet: Defining audience.pdf
23.6 KB
Worksheet: Developing storylines.pdf
20.8 KB
Worksheet: Crafting branding.pdf
31.1 KB
Worksheet: Crafting positioning.pdf
20.6 KB
Choosing between personal and business accounts
24 mins
Worksheet: Personal vs business positioning.pdf
54.3 KB
Crafting enticing bio
10 mins
Worksheet: Crafting enticing bio.pdf
31.9 KB
Crafting the grid
19 mins
Worksheet: Crafting the grid.pdf
29.4 KB
Photo-editing tools
11 mins
Chapter 1: Your daily task
Daily task: posting
9 mins
Worksheet: Optimal post time.pdf
75 KB
Optimal posting times
19 mins
Techniques to amplify your engagement
27 mins
Worksheet: Engagement tactics checklist.pdf
45.5 KB
Worksheet: Engagement tracking.pdf
69.6 KB
Creating community
8 mins
Chapter 2: Your weekly task
Weekly task: scheduling
29 mins
Scheduling tools
7 mins
Editorial content ideas
27 mins
Worksheet: Content brainstorming.pdf
26.3 KB
Worksheet: Content ideas checklist.pdf
20.1 KB
Worksheet: 30 days of posts.pdf
29.1 KB
Worksheet: Content calendar template.pdf
95.8 KB
Chapter 3: Your monthly task
Monthly task: research hashtags
13 mins
Worksheet: Hshtag research.pdf
25.3 KB
Monthly task: dive deep into analytics
6 mins
Worksheet: Creating a plan.pdf
30.8 KB
Instagram account performance analytics
10 mins
Worksheet: Instagram platform tracking.pdf
71.5 KB
Website traffic analytics
19 mins
Worksheet: Website tracking.pdf
96.6 KB
Chapter 4: Your quarterly task
Quarterly task: leveraging community
6 mins
Worksheet: Collab brainstorm.pdf
25.1 KB
Influencer collaborations
11 mins
Worksheet: Influencer tracking spreadsheet.pdf
44.6 KB
Hosting giveaways
8 mins
Worksheet: Giveaway cheatsheet.pdf
24.2 KB
Chapter 5: Your yearly task
Yearly task: advertising on Instagram
6 mins
Instagram ad campaign creation in Facebook
(1h 03m 41s)
Evaluating the performance of your paid campaigns
11 mins
Yearly task: planning on a large scale
4 mins
EXPOSED. 500+ Hashtags for Creative Entrepreneurs.pdf
38.1 MB
How to Avoid Instagram Shadowban and What to Do if Your Account has Been Affected.mp4
10 mins
Using Instagram Stories for Business.mp4
28 mins

Let’s create a meaningful and profitable Instagram presence that feels right for your creative business.

Feeling just a bit overwhelmed with promoting your business online? I know, I’ve been there. 
This is why I made it my job to help you figure out what works for your creative business.
You are here because you are creative, passionate, and smart. You need strategies that work; and you need them now. You are willing to work hard if you’re shown a clear direction.
Let’s create a meaningful and profitable Instagram presence that feels right for your personality and brings in the right kind of clients.